sexuality for women with spinal cord injury sexuality sexuality is an expression of one’s self as a woman or a man. buy cheap viagra It is intimate in nature, which means it is personal and private. Sexuality is commonly expressed through physical and emotional closeness. Most people consider sexual activities as a means to express physical intimacy. cheap viagra However, it is more than sexual intercourse. Where can you buy viagra yahoo Physical intimacy can also be expressed through holding hands, hugging and kissing. viagra for sale Likewise, emotional intimacy is more than feelings that result from physical contact. cheap viagra online Emotional intimacy can be a connection with one’s self that results in feelings of self-satisfaction, confidence and worth. It may also be a feeling of trust in another person and a willingness to share personal thoughts and feelings. Voucher for viagra After spinal cord injury as a woman with spinal cord injury (sci), you have probably discovered that education is the key to  managing issues that are part of life after injury. viagra buy philippines Sexuality is a part of life, so you can learn the facts about how your injury might impact your overall sexuality. viagra generic viagra viagra Sexual function in actuality, there are no physiological changes after injury that prevent women from engaging in sexual activity. generic viagra online The only significant impact on sexual function after injury seems to be the inability of some women to produce vaginal lubrication. viagra online This problem is likely the result of the interruption in normal nerve signals from the brain to the genital area. buy generic viagra on line Typically, lubrication occurs as a psychogenic (mental) and reflex (physical) response to something sexually stimulating or arousing. viagra effects in women The purpose for this lubrication is to allow easier vaginal penetration, so a lack of vaginal lubrication can result in pain during intercourse. generic viagra online Women who can no longer produce lubrication can substitute water-based (never use oil-based) lubricants such as ky jelly. Depending on your level and completeness of injury, you will likely experience some, or all, loss of muscle control and sensation. online consultation prescription viagra For many women, this loss of muscle control means an inability to tighten vaginal muscles. buy viagra online Therefore, there may be less friction during sexual intercourse. Some women may be able to improve friction. For example, you may be able to contract urinary muscles for added vaginal tightness. 200 mg of viagra You may also try different sexual positions. If you continue to have difficulties, talk to your doctor about treatment options. viagra effects in women An orgasm is the intense physical pleasure at the height of sexual arousal. viagra veterinary use It usually involves vaginal contractions followed by a feeling of relaxation. viagra effects in women In a model systems study. viagra without a doctor prescription

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