Liver_menu. viagra generic Gif understandingliver cancer •introduction •diagnosis •screening •prevention •treatments •types of cancer •resources / links     •home •chat room •appointments •support pc research   cancer types as the largest internal organ, the liver performs a variety of vital functions. Different cell types are responsible for these diverse functions. can viagra make you last longer The basic liver cells (known as hepatocytes) produce blood clotting factors, synthesize bile, metabolize proteins and remove toxins from the blood. viagra 200mg The liver has a rich network of blood vessels carrying nutrients and toxins from the intestine to the liver and back to the circulation. generic viagra without prescription The liver also has a system of bile ducts which carry bile (a green fluid that helps digestion of food) from the liver and gall bladder into the intestine. viagra soft kaufen Tumors may arise from any of these types of cells and thus there is a wide variety in types of liver cancer. generic viagra overnight shipping Tumors can be generally thought of as benign or malignant. Benign tumors are unlikely to metastasize (spread throughout the body) while malignant tumors are cancerous and are likely to spread to other organs. viagra coupon Liver cancer types listed by cell of origin list of benign tumors and cell of origin list of malignant (cancerous) tumors and cell of origin hepatocytes hepatocytes    - adenoma    - hepatocellular carcinoma    - focal nodular hyperplasia    - hepatoblastoma      - fibrolamellar carcinoma     vessels vessels    - hemangioma    - angiosarcoma     bile duct bile duct    - adenoma    - cholangiocarcinoma    - hamartoma (von myenberg complex)   pathology home copyright© 2006-2008 johns hopkins university, baltimore, maryland    click here for... buy viagra cheap Alzheimer's disease autoimmune disease bile duct cancer bladder cancer colon cancer gallbladder cancer ovarian cancer pancreatic cancer   pathology homepage. viagra use among young men A rare form of hepatocellular carcinoma that typically affects young adults and is characterized, under the microscope, by laminated fibrous layers inte. viagra side effects how long do they last viagra use among young men

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